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Let's Voltron is the Official Voltron Podcast, bringing you exclusive news on Voltron episodes, merchandise, Events, Interviews and more.

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    Post-Season 6 Recap with Joaquim Dos Santos & Lauren Montgomery

    Voltron Legendary Defender Executive Producers Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery join Marc and Greg to discuss Season 6 in this Post-Season Recap, and give an introduction to a very special easter egg video produced by DreamWorks Animation. Also, Han Cholo CEO Brandon Schoolhouse joins us to give a preview of SDCC Exclusives for Voltron jewelry, both Legendary Defender and Classic Voltron. And, Marc and Greg give their FULL review of Season 6 of Voltron Legendary Defender on Netflix.

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    White Lion Review with Shannon Muir

    Shannon Muir joins us to review the final episode of Season 5 of Voltron Legendary Defender: White Lion. As we prepare for the launch of Season 6 on Netflix, we review the Season 6 trailer and some images that have been released from DreamWorks Animation.

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    Adam O'Brien, The ShakeUps and Bloodlines Review

    Adam O'Brien joins us to talk about his latest work with Fantha Tracks and more, and he helps us review Bloodlines, the 5th Episode from Season 5 of Voltron Legendary Defender. We also have Patrick and Savannah from the band, The ShakeUps, who are releasing a brand new Voltron-themed album today, titled Legendary Defenders.

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    Japanese Celebration of Voltron

    ようこそ to our Japanese Celebration of Voltron! In this podcast, we talk to 3 fans of Voltron Legendary Defender who give us the Japanese perspective (Unky, Kalai, and Hikawa), and what it's like to be a Voltron fan in Japan. We play a clip from the Japanese-dubbed version of Voltron Legendary Defender and give credit to those Japanese actors. For our Retro Voltron Segment, we give credit to the original actors of Beast King GoLion from 1981.

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    Den of Geek's Shamus Kelley, Kral Zera Review & Mailbox

    Shamus Kelly joins us to talk about Voltron and some of the articles Shamus has written on Den of Geek and interviews he's covered for Voltron Legendary Defender. Shamus helps us read listener mail from the mailbox and everyone's thoughts about Season 5 of VLD, and we give away the Voltron Signature Prize Pack! Finally, we review Episode 4 of Season 5 of Voltron Legendary Defender: Kral Zera! Everybody take a drink!

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    AJ LoCascio Extended Interview

    AJ LoCascio joins Marc and Greg for a highly anticipated fun discussion about Lotor in Season 5 of Voltron Legendary Defender, where he answers questions from Voltron fans around the world. We also talk about the history of voice actors who have played Lotor in our Retro Voltron segment.

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    Postmortem Review & Fan Expo Dallas Coverage

    K-Lionheart returns to help Marc and Greg review Postmortem, the 3rd episode of Season 5 of Voltron Legendary Defender on Netflix. Also, Stormy joins us to review her experience with Josh Keaton, Jeremy Shada and Kimberly Brooks at Fan Expo Dallas. For our Retro Voltron segment, Greg introduces us to Space Mice Mechs in Voltron.

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    Voltron Fan Artist Spotlight with K-Lionheart

    Marc and Greg welcome a brand new Voltron Fan Artist Spotlight with our special guest, K-Lionheart (Kat). K-Lionheart has created a very special exclusive Voltron design for this podcast and for the Let's Voltron TeePublic store, which is on sale for 3 days. In our Retro Voltron segment, Greg introduces us to Voltron Book and Tape stories, featuring an episode from Voltron: Defender of the Universe, including the voices from OG actors, Michael Bell, BJ Ward and Neil Ross.

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    Blood Duel Review

    In this podcast, we get a quote from Bob Koplar about Voltron in Ready Player One, which was exciting to see. We also read a couple more fan emails about Season 5, talk about the Castleships in Retro Voltron, and we review Voltron Legendary Defender Season 5: Episode 2: Blood Duel.

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    DreamWorks Animation Tour, WonderCon & Retro Voltron

    In this podcast, we cover the tour of DreamWorks Animation Studios in Glendale, CA, where Marc and his wife Kim talked to the people who work on Voltron Legendary Defender, who share their work and sincere thanks to the fans of the show. Marc and Kim also went to WonderCon and share their thoughts on Voltron fans, cosplay, artists, and the Lion Forge Comics signing with Tim Hedrick. And Greg introduces a brand new regular segment for the podcast called Retro Voltron.

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    Voltron ECCC Panel with Enjay & The Prisoner Review

    In this podcast, Marc & Greg are joined by Enjay, who was at ECCC for the Voltron Legendary Defender Panel, which we review in its entirety. Enjay also helps us review the first episode of Season 5 of Voltron Legendary Defender: The Prisoner.

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    Voltron at ECCC and Season 5 Review

    Marc and his wife, Kim, captured all the Voltron action at Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC), and brought back some interviews and panel footage for Greg to hear from Josh Keaton, Joaquim Dos Santos, Lauren Montgomery, Christine Bian, David Hayter and Jeremy Shada. Following the interviews, Marc and Greg cover a high-level review of all of Season 5 of Voltron Legendary Defender on Netflix. We also give details on how you can win a Let's Voltron ECCC Prize Pack!

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    Voltron Fan Artist Spotlight with Lucy Smith and A New Defender Review

    Voltron Fan Artist Lucy Smith joins Marc and Greg for this spotlight on Voltron Fan Art. Lucy stays to help us review A New Defender, the final episode of Season 4. We announce all the details for VLD at ECCC and provide info on how to win a Voltron ECCC prize pack.

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    Steve Ahn (Director), Blacky Shepherd, and Begin the Blitz Review

    Steve Ahn joins us for an interview for the 13+ episodes across 5 seasons he directed for Voltron Legendary Defender. Also, we are joined by Blacky Shepherd, who will have a booth at Artist Alley for ECCC, and Marc and Greg review Begin the Blitz, the 5th episode of Season 4 for Voltron Legendary Defender.

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    Voltron Fan Cosplay Spotlight with Leo, AKrCos, & Stephanie/Han Cholo @ ECCC

    Marc and Greg are excited to present our 2nd Voltron Fan Cosplay Spotlight podcast with Leo Camacho, AKrCos, and Stephanie Michelle - 3 Cosplay Professionals who Disney Bound, CrossPlay and Genderbend their way into the hearts of Voltron cosplay fans. Also, we talk to Han Cholo CEO, Brandon Schoolhouse, who we'll see at ECCC and SDCC, and the Voltron Season 5 trailer is here!

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    Joaquim & Lauren Interview & The Voltron Show Review

    The Greatest Showrunners of ALL TIME join Marc and Greg on this podcast! Executive Producer Joaquim Dos Santos and Co-Executive Producer Lauren Montgomery spend some time with us to talk about Season 5 of Voltron Legendary Defender and what we can expect to see at Emerald City Comic Con. They also give us some insight on our Season 4 episode review for this podcast, The Voltron Show.

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    Black Site Review with Lexi Hoffman

    Marc and Greg are joined by special guest Lexi Hoffman to review Voltron Legendary Defender Season 4: Episode 3: Black Site. Lexi had previously filled in for Greg on our podcast with Jamie Gray Hyder, and gives another great perspective for reviewing this Season 4 episode.

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    Reunion Review

    Marc and Greg review Episode 2 of Season 4 of Voltron Legendary Defender: Reunion. Also, we go over a recap of everything that happened with Voltron in the past week, including a special Hunk Birthday and the announcement about a Voltron Legendary Defender Panel at Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) in Seattle, Washington.

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    Code of Honor Review

    As we kick off 2018 podcasts with our first episode review of Season 4 of Voltron Legendary Defender: Code of Honor, we also announce the winner of the 4th Anniversary Voltron Prize Pack!

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    Let's Voltron 4th Anniversary Celebration

    Marc and Greg are joined by 2 special guests, Voltron Fan Artists Mel and Zilla, as well as dozens of Voltron fans who sent in their own audio or notes. We thank everyone who supported us in 2017 and we get sprinkle in special 4th Anniversary greetings from a few voice artists from Voltron Legendary Defender. Our special 4th Anniversary Banner was created by Mel (That_Meiko_Girl).

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    Voltron Fan Cosplay Spotlight with Levi, Jules & Lucy

    With so many fan spotlights on Let's Voltron: The Official Voltron Podcast, it was only a matter of time before you see us put the spotlight on Voltron Cosplayers. We welcome Levi, Jules and Lucy as they share their designs, thoughts, secrets, challenges, and how much they appreciate other cosplayers. It takes a lot of effort to be a cosplayer and these people share their stories, advice and warnings with all Voltron fans.

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    SHIRONANIGANS! with Josh Keaton

    SHIRONANIGANS! It's all about Shiro and it was named by the fans! We have a great time with Josh Keaton, talking about the evolution of Shiro through 4 seasons of Voltron Legendary Defender on Netflix, and then Josh answers tons of questions submitted by the fans, and at the end, Josh picks our Shironanigans Prize Pack winner! SHIRONANIGANS!

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    Josh Prikryl Interview: Voltron: The Third Dimension & Voltron Force CG Animator/Producer

    Marc and Greg reach back to Voltron: The Third Dimension and Voltron Force for an interview with Josh Prikryl, Owner of Overseas Virtual, LLC. Josh worked on Voltron: The Third Dimension as a CG Animator and on Voltron Force as a CG Producer. Josh gives a lot of insight about the groundbreaking CG and Motion Capture work done on Voltron: The Third Dimension and the challenges of combining 2D and 3D animation in Voltron Force.

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    Voltron Fan Artist Spotlight: Elentori

    In this podcast, we put the spotlight on a Voltron Fan Artist. Marc and Greg interview Elentori, and debut the World Premiere of "Stand Together", which Elentori designed for this podcast and our TeePublic store.

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    The Legend Begins Review

    Marc and Greg give a preview of upcoming podcast episodes and Voltron merchandise, and provide a deep review of the final episode of Season 3 of Voltron Legendary Defender: The Legend Begins.

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    Eugene Lee (Director) Interview & Tailing a Comet

    Marc and Greg are excited to interview one of the Directors of Voltron Legendary Defender, Eugene Lee. Eugene gives a great perspective of the process of building episodes of Voltron Legendary Defender. After that, we're catching up on episode reviews with Season 3, Episode 6: Tailing a Comet.

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    Neil Kaplan & AJ LoCascio (Zarkon & Lotor) Father & Son

    We are honored to present a Special Podcast focusing on the Father & Son relationship in Voltron Legendary Defender between Zarkon & Lotor, starring voice actors Neil Kaplan & AJ LoCascio. You'll love the banter between Neil and AJ as they play off each other in a heavily comedic and whimsical way. We also give away 2 signed lithographs to a lucky listener that submitted questions for Neil and AJ. Also in this podcast, we interview Oscar Edmond, who attended the opening of the Toy De Jour Official Voltron Art Show in Chicago on October 20th.

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    Voltron NYCC 2017 Recap

    Marc and Kim Morrell covered all the Voltron events at New York Comic Con 2017 (NYCC), including the Voltron Legendary Defender Pre-Panel, Panel, Interviews with the cast and producers, Voltron LIVE, and the signings and Voltron fan meetup. There were also exhibit hall booths we visited, like Han Cholo, Lion Forge, and Simon & Schuster, as well as artists on the show floor and artist alley. In this podcast, we share it all with Greg, who wasn't able to go, and all the Voltron fans around the world that couldn't make it to NYCC.

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    Voltron Art Show and The Journey Review

    In this podcast, we talk to Sam Wells, the co-owner of Toy De Jour, a vintage toy store in Chicago, because they will be hosting the Voltron Art Show, opening on October 20th. Also, we announce the winner of the Han Cholo Limited Edition NYCC Voltron Enamel Pin Set and Marc and Greg review The Journey, which is the 5th episode of Season 3 of Voltron Legendary Defender.

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    Allurapalooza! with Kimberly Brooks and Donya Abramo

    Welcome to Allurapalooza! This podcast is completely dedicated to anything and everything Allura, both Princess and Paladin. Our first half is a wonderful interview with the voice of Allura on Voltron Legendary Defender, Kimberly Brooks, where Kimberly also answers fan questions and announces the winner of the Allurapalooza Prize Pack! The second half is a deep-dive character study of Allura with Hypable writer and podcaster Donya Abramo. So much Allura, so little time! Allurapalooza!

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    The Hunted and Hole in the Sky Review

    In this podcast, Marc and Greg review Episodes 3 and 4 from Season 3 of Voltron Legendary Defender on Netflix: The Hunted and Hole in the Sky. We also bring Zilla back to announce the winner of the Voltron Positivity Bundle. At the end, we talk about a number of new Voltron products available right now, or coming your way soon.

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    DreamWorks Voltron VR Chronicles with Jaime Bencia (Digital Domain)

    Jaime Bencia (Sr. Creative Director for Digital Domain) joins Marc and Greg to talk about DreamWorks Voltron VR Chronicles, an exciting new cinematic experience that will be available across all major Virtual Reality platforms on September 26, 2017. Marc and Greg also talk about Playmates Toys Classic Combinable Voltron coming to retail shelves soon, and they review the first 2 episodes of Season 3 of Voltron Legendary Defender, Changing of the Guard and Red Paladin.

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    Voltron Fan Artist Spotlight: Zilla & Blackout Review

    Our Voltron Fan Artist Spotlight is on Zilla for this podcast, as we honor Zilla and all her great Voltron creations. We are excited to announce a new design for our TeePublic Store, generously created by Zilla. Zilla stays with us to help review Blackout, the final episode from Season 2 of Voltron Legendary Defender, and there's a generous giveaway of a Zilla art bundle, too!

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    Jamie Gray Hyder (Zethrid) Interview

    Marc is joined by special guest co-host Lexi Hoffman to interview Jamie Gray Hyder, the voice of Zethrid in Voltron Legendary Defender. After the interview, Lexi and Marc review 3 episodes from Season 2, including Escape from Beta Traz, Stayin' Alive, and Best Laid Plans.

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    LEGO® Voltron Designer Lendy Tayag & Season 3 Review

    Today is the release day for The Paladin Handbook by Simon Spotlight, and Marc and Greg give a quick preview of this latest Chapter Book for Voltron Legendary Defender. The BIG NEWS is we have an interview with LEGO® Voltron Designer Lendy Tayag, whose Voltron design will now be produced as an official LEGO kit from LEGO Ideas. After that, Marc and Greg review ALL of Season 3 of Voltron Legendary Defender on Netflix.

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    AJ LoCascio (Prince Lotor) Interview

    Marc and Greg talk to the newest cast member of Voltron Legendary Defender, AJ LoCascio, who plays Prince Lotor, son of Emperor Zarkon. AJ answers fan questions sent in from all over the world. We also complete our coverage of SDCC with the help of Shannon Muir, which includes a Fanfest Voltron panel, a Neil Kaplan panel, and Random Gibberish playing "Hear Me Roar", LIVE at Comic-Concert!

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    Voltron at SDCC 2017: Panel, Interviews, & Prize Pack Winners

    In this podcast, Marc & Greg, Shambavi, Shamus, and Dani review interviews with Joaquim Dos Santos, Lauren Montgomery, Bex Taylor-Klaus, and Tyler Labine, who all participated in a panel where the audience was pleased to see Episode 1 of Season 3 of Voltron Legendary Defender at San Diego Comic-Con 2017! 2 Lucky Winners of Voltron SDCC Prize Packs are announced as well!

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    The Blade of Marmora Review

    Marc and Greg review Voltron Legendary Defender: The Blade of Marmora, the 8th episode from Season 2 on Netflix. Our Voltron Fan Spotlight, Cubbie (aka CB Mako) from Australia, a long-time fan of Voltron AND the Podcast, joins in on the review. We also talk about Voltron books, Playmates Toys Diecast Voltron figures and SDCC.

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    Space Mall Review with Neil Kaplan

    He's back! Neil Kaplan joins us to review his favorite episode from Voltron Legendary Defender Season 2: Space Mall. You've never heard an episode review until you've heard an episode review with Neil Kaplan. So much fun! We also give a full preview for everything Voltron at San Diego Comic-Con, and you'll hear the latest updates with Playmates Toys, Lion Forge Comics and Han Cholo.

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    The Ark of Taujeer Review

    In Greg's absence, Shambhavi Kadam, Shamus Kelley and Blacky Shepherd help Marc review Episode 6 from Season 2 of Voltron Legendary Defender: The Ark of Taujeer. Blacky designs a Let's Voltron Podcast T-Shirt that will launch the TeePublic.com site for podcast merchandise.

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    100th Podcast Celebration!

    As Let's Voltron: The Official Voltron Podcast celebrates its 100th Podcast, we have over 20 people on with your hosts, Marc Morrell and Greg Tyler, including people from your favorite show, DreamWorks' Voltron Legendary Defender, people from World Events Productions, and lots of Voltron Fans, revealing exclusive news, special announcements, and Voltron Swag giveaways galore.

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    Eye of the Storm Review with Irene

    Irene Fernández joins Marc and Greg to review Voltron Legendary Defender Season 2, Episode 5: Eye of the Storm. And Marc and Greg find out that Irene has a lot of real-life experiences that match with what the characters are going through in this episode. After the episode review, Marc and Greg preview episode 100 of the podcast, and let fans know how they can be on it, and win Voltron Swag!

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    Greening the Cube Review

    Marc and Greg review the 4th episode in the 2nd season of Voltron Legendary Defender on Netflix: Greening the Cube. We are introduced to the Olkari, who help Pidge gain a greater bond with Green Lion, and in a sub-plot, Keith seems to have something on his mind that he hasn't told anyone on the team.

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    Benjamin Kaltenecker (Line Producer) Interview

    In this podcast, Marc and Greg interview Voltron Legendary Defender Line Producer Benjamin Kaltenecker. Benjamin, other than having his last name as the cow character in the second season episode, Space Mall, has a huge responsibility at DreamWorks Animation for making sure every episode of the show is on time and on budget. We learn more about his job and everything that goes into making episodes of Voltron Legendary Defender on Netflix.

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    Bex Taylor-Klaus (Pidge) Interview

    Here's our special interview with Bex Taylor-Klaus, who plays Pidge on Voltron Legendary Defender. Marc and Greg talk with Bex about her career, her thoughts on playing Pidge, and everything that goes with being a part of this great show. Bex also answers questions sent in by the fans, who she appreciates very much.

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    Voltron Fan Artist Spotlight: Mel (that_meiko_girl)

    We are proud to present our 2nd Voltron Fan Artist Spotlight for 2017! Mel (A.K.A. that_meiko_girl) is an animator and character designer for The White Snake Chronicles series. She's a mega gamer, nerd, and a huge Voltron fan! Marc and Greg have a great discussion with Mel about where she got her start as an artist, and the influences she's had over the years, as well as all the love for Voltron Legendary Defender. We are excited to debut an exclusive piece that Mel created just for the podcast!

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    Voltron @ WonderCon - Panel and More

    WonderCon attendee Nicole joins Marc and Greg to cover the Voltron Legendary Defender panel that occurred on Sat., April 1, 2017. You'll hear the complete audio from the panel, captured by our friend, Dani DeWald. There will be lots of commentary around everything that happened during the panel, and we'll conclude with a few things that happened at WonderCon, other than the panel, and give you info on how to enter to win a signed lithograph from all 8 participants of the panel.

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    Voltron @ WonderCon - Interviews & Autographs

    Marc and Greg talk about their trip to WonderCon 2017, including a visit to a recording studio to see Andrea Romano directing a Voltron Legendary Defender recording session with Jeremy Shada and Kimberly Brooks. Cast and crew were signing autographs and we had interviews with all of them. Also, there was plenty of cosplay, Voltron art, and much, much more!

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    Shiro's Escape Review with Dani

    In this podcast, Marc, Greg and Dani DeWald review the third episode from Season 2 of Voltron Legendary Defender, Shiro's Escape. We also have the Voltron Fan Spotlight and Voltron News about Wondercon, Playmates Toys TV Commercials, Classic Voltron Episodes on Netflix, Pidge's Birthday and Voltron Legendary Defender Volume 2 Comic Books.

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    Shiro Character Study with Dani

    At the suggestion of Donya Abramo, we are conducting a character study of Shiro from Voltron Legendary Defender. Our special guest, Dani DeWald, joins Marc and Greg to get to the heart of Shiro. Also, the Voltron Fan Spotlight comes from Nika, and we still have a Voltron Retro Commercial Sweepstakes running where you can win Voltron Playmates Toys.

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    New York Toy Fair with Sarah & Grant

    New York Toy Fair brought a new wave of Voltron Legendary Defender Playmates Toys to the forefront, and Let's Voltron Podcast is grateful to Grant Birchmeier and Sarah Fetter for joining us on this podcast to talk about their experience at NYTF and what they learned firsthand from Playmates Toys.

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    The Depths Review

    Marc and Greg review Episode 2 of Season 2: The Depths. Plus, our Voltron Fan Spotlight is on Nami. And we preview New York Toy Fair, with some pictures taken by our on-the-spot-reporter, Sarah Fetter. More info on NYTF coming soon, but the big news concerns Season 3, and how many seasons we may get at a minimum.

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    Across the Universe Review

    Marc and Greg review the 1st episode from Season 2 of Voltron Legendary Defender: Across the Universe. Also, Risa is our Voltron Fan Spotlight and we celebrate Valentines Day, Voltron Style, with Voltron Valentines you can print yourself, a Valentines Day 15% Off Sale, and details on how to enter the Voltron Retro Commercial Sweepstakes. You can win Voltron Playmates Toys!

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    Tyler Labine (Hunk) Interview

    In this podcast, Marc and Greg interview Actor Tyler Labine, who plays Hunk in Voltron Legendary Defender. Also, our hosts review the Voltron Voice Meme from our Voltron Fan Spotlight, Faolan. And, a reminder that the Voltron Retro Commercial Sweepstakes is underway, for your chance to win Voltron Playmates Toys.

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    Mike Young (Voltron 3rd Dim Producer) Interview & Our VLD Season 2 Recap

    In this podcast, Marc and Greg give their overall thoughts on Season 2 of Voltron Legendary Defender with much detail, but still leave plenty of room for individual episode reviews, coming in future podcasts. We also interviewed Mike Young, CEO/Chairman of Splash Entertainment, who was a Producer of Voltron: The Third Dimension in the late '90s.

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    Donya, Joaquim & Lauren, & Huge Toys Contest!

    Hypable Writer and Podcaster Donya Abramo joins us from the UK as a guest co-host, and Exec. Producers Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery stop in to talk about Season 2 (Jan 20) of Voltron Legendary Defender on Netflix. Also, Greg and Marc kick off the Voltron Retro Commercial Sweepstakes, where we're giving away Voltron Playmates Toys as prizes.

  59. Thumb 1484290211 artwork

    Season 2 Review and Fan Artist Spotlight: Cheetoy

    In this podcast, Marc and Greg talk about Voltron Toys in the stores, the Season 2 Trailer, and the first 3 episodes of Voltron Legendary Defender, Season 2 (no spoilers). Kicking off 2017 is our new segment, the Voltron Fan Artist Spotlight, with our first Voltron Fan Artist, Cheetoy.

  60. Thumb 1482380489 artwork

    Christine Bian (Prop & BG Design Supervisor) Interview

    Voltron Legendary Defender Prop and Background Design Supervisor Christine Bian joins Marc and Greg to talk about designing props and backgrounds, including Voltron and each of the 5 Lions. Marc and Greg also review Playmates Toys Voltron Legendary Defender toy line, which they now have in hand. And we conclude with a very special message from the Voltron Legendary Defender Voice Cast.

  61. Thumb 1481735943 artwork

    3rd Anniversary Show

    December 16, 2016 is the 3rd Anniversary of Let's Voltron: The Official Voltron Podcast. Come celebrate 3 years of covering Voltron with Marc and Greg, along with our special guests, Zilla and Sarah! We talk about everything that happened this past year, including the debut of DreamWorks Animation's Voltron Legendary Defender on Netflix. We also read our Voltron Fan emails, where you've shared your personal highlights from 2016, and we look forward to 2017.

  62. Thumb 1480442217 artwork

    Jeff Trojan (VP of Marketing - Playmates Toys) Interview

    Marc and Greg interview Jeff Trojan, VP of Marketing at Playmates Toys, who they met at the Voltron Collective Fan Experience at NYCC. Playmates Toys are releasing a full line of Voltron Toys, starting January 1, 2017 (Pre-Orders Dec. 1, 2016). Marc & Greg share their Voltron Christmas Wish Lists, too!

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  64. Thumb 1479252576 artwork

    Jeremy Shada (Lance) Interview & Collection & Extraction Review

    In this podcast, Marc and Greg interview Actor Jeremy Shada, who plays Lance in Voltron Legendary Defender. Also, our hosts get some help reviewing Episode 10: Collection & Extraction from Zilla, Cody, and Cory. Plenty of Voltron Legendary Defender ahead!

  65. Thumb 1478626741 artwork

    Crystal Venom Review with Shannon & Todd

    Shannon Muir and Todd Matthy join Marc and Greg to review Voltron Legendary Defender Episode 9: Crystal Venom. Both of our guests have been on the show before, so we spend some time catching up before we dive very deep into this episode review.

  66. Thumb 1477979528 artwork

    Voltron Halloween Rebirth

    On a special Halloween episode of Let's Voltron Podcast, Marc and Greg welcome Drew Merkel and Talley LaFlamme to help review Voltron Legendary Defender Episode 8: Rebirth in the style of an old radio drama.

  67. Thumb 1477318102 artwork

    Voltron at NYCC Recap - Part 2

    Biggest Podcast EVER! NYCC Voltron Legendary Defender Panel, Cast Interviews and the Voltron Collective Party, which includes an Interview with Kevin McKeever from the world of Robotech, Bob Koplar from WEP, and Voltron Superfans! Also, an interview with Brandon Schoolhouse, CEO of Han Cholo, Contests, Listener Emails, Power Rangers Megazord vs. Voltron, Voltron Pumpkin Stencils, Voltron Fan Spotlight and more! Over 20 Interviews in all!

  68. Thumb 1476734977 artwork

    Voltron at NYCC Recap - Part 1

    In this 1st NYCC Recap of 2 podcasts, Let's Voltron Podcast Hosts, Marc Morrell and Greg Tyler, together for the 1st time in person, covered everything Voltron at New York Comic Con (NYCC). In this episode, we talk about all the awesome Voltron fans we met, the signings and show floor booths we visited. Greg shares his "Fan on the Street" segment, and we get to interview Outlaw2lk, the Cosplay Artist that finished 2nd at the Eastern Cosplay Championships at NYCC, dressed as Voltron, with his 5 friends playing the Paladins.

  69. Thumb 1474954243 artwork

    Andrea Romano (Voice Director) Interview

    Legendary Voice Director Andrea Romano joins Marc and Greg to talk about directing the voice cast for Voltron Legendary Defender, as well as her career, and many insights into animation, voice acting, and the characters we love.

  70. Thumb 1474314887 artwork

    Tim Hedrick & Mitch Iverson Interview

    Tim Hedrick ( Story Editor) and Mitch Iverson (Staff Writer) join Marc and Greg to answer fan questions about both the Voltron Legendary Defender animated series on Netflix and the Voltron Legendary Defender Mini-Comic Book Series from Lion Forge Comics. Tim and Mitch write for both to keep those stories and characters consistent between both mediums. Marc also introduces a new regular fan segment to the podcast.

  71. Thumb 1474040253 artwork

    Voltron 101

    This is a primer class for new Voltron fans, friends or loved ones of Voltron fans, or fans of the original 1984 series who want to know more about the other shows. Prepare yourself for a high-level view of everything Voltron, as it relates to the animated shows. If you find you want to learn more, we have 71 previous episodes of Let's Voltron Podcast to make you a complete Voltron Expert!

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    Emily Eiden (Shay) Interview and Return to the Balmera

    Emily Eiden, who played Shay in 3 episodes of Season 1 of Voltron Legendary Defender, is our special guest in this podcast, where she talks about her character, Shay, how she became a voice actor, and she answers all the Voltron fans' questions. Emily also plays Shay in a review of Episode 7, Return to the Balmera, with Marc & Greg providing commentary, and Emily providing behind-the-scenes-stories.

  73. Thumb 1472406761 artwork

    Geeks of the Galaxy and Taking Flight

    JoshaJ and Matt Solice from Geeks of the Galaxy Podcast join Marc and Greg to talk about Voltron, their podcast, and everything else, and they help review Voltron Legendary Defender Episode 6: Taking Flight.

  74. Thumb 1471831497 artwork

    Voltron Fan Shout-Outs and Tears of the Balmera

    We spend the first half of the podcast giving shout-outs to Voltron fans that tweeted, posted and emailed us about the podcast and what they're excited about. We spend the second half reviewing Voltron Legendary Defender Episode 6: Tears of the Balmera.

  75. Thumb 1471156770 artwork

    SDCC Interviews, Fall of the Castle of Lions, Voltron Lion Bikes, and More!

    There is so much Voltron packed into this episode! We talk about Voltron collectibles at SDCC, as well as SDCC interviews from Joaquim Dos Santos, Lauren Montgomery, and Tim Hedrick. We give a preview of Voltron Lion Bikes featured on Super-fan Builds, giveaway Voltron Legendary Defender signed comics on Periscope, and review Episode 4: Fall of the Castle of Lions.

  76. Thumb 1469983531 artwork

    Voltron Legendary Defender SDCC Panel Review

    Dani DeWald, Voltron Superfan and panel videographer at SDCC, joins Marc and Greg to review her coverage of the Voltron Legendary Defender panel at San Diego Comic-Con. We walk through the entire panel, and give commentary on all the clips, Q & A, and review the Season 1 Soundtrack that was recently released on iTunes. Plus, you need to listen closely to find out how to win variant cover copies of Voltron Legendary Defender #1 Comic, signed by authors Tim Hedrick and Mitch Iverson.

  77. Thumb 1469117198 artwork

    Kimberly Brooks (Princess Allura) Interview

    Kimberly Brooks, who plays Princess Allura in Voltron Legendary Defender, joins Marc and Greg for a fantastic conversation about her roles in animation, everything you wanted to know about Princess Allura, what the Voltron fandom means to her, and she gets to answer questions submitted by the Voltron fans.

  78. Thumb 1468702868 artwork

    Lauren, Joaquim, and Return of the Gladiator

    Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos, the Executive Producers of Voltron Legendary Defender, join us for an exclusive interview following the launch of the first 11 episodes on Netflix. Marc and Greg also review Episode 3, Return of the Gladiator.

  79. Thumb 1468216666 artwork

    Neil Kaplan (Emperor Zarkon) Interview

    Neil Kaplan joins Marc and Greg to talk about playing Emperor Zarkon on Voltron Legendary Defender, as well as his entire voice acting career, and his appreciation for all Voltron fans.

  80. Thumb 1467407934 artwork

    Josh Keaton (Shiro) Interview and Some Assembly Required Review

    Josh Keaton, the amazing voice actor who plays Shiro in Voltron Legendary Defender, joins us as a guest to talk about everything Shiro and Voltron, and he answers all your fan questions. Also, Greg and Marc review Episode 2 - Some Assembly Required.

  81. Thumb 1466129672 artwork

    Voltron Art Show & Legendary Defender Season 1 Recap

    We have several guests in this podcast! Eddie Sanchez joins us to talk about his visit to the Voltron Art Show at Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles. Also, Tara Scully and Talley LaFlamme join us to recap everything we saw in the first season of Voltron Legendary Defender!

  82. Thumb 1465247879 artwork

    Lauren, Joaquim, and The Rise of Voltron

    Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos, the Executive Producers of Voltron Legendary Defender, join us for an exclusive interview prior to the launch of the first 13 episodes on Netflix on June 10th. Marc and Greg also review, in it's entirety, the first 3 episodes of the show, which has been made into an uninterrupted mini-movie called “The Rise of Voltron”. WARNING: Spoilers! Do not listen to this review if you want to see the show fresh on Netflix on June 10th.

  83. Thumb 1464406512 artwork
  84. Thumb 1463759217 artwork

    Voltron Legendary Defender Trailer Reviews

    DreamWorks Animation has released two new trailers for the June 10th release of Voltron Legendary Defender on Netflix. Marc and Greg review these trailers in detail and talk about fan reactions to the trailers on Facebook and Twitter.

  85. Thumb 1463118092 artwork

    LEGO Ideas Voltron Designer Lendy Tayag

    You are getting a special treat as Marc and Greg interview the LEGO Ideas Voltron Project Designer Lendy Tayag, whose Voltron LEGO Idea achieved 10,000 supporters in 22 days, and is now awaiting review in September. Addendum: The full-length Voltron Legendary Defender Trailer is discussed as well.

  86. Thumb 1462062248 artwork

    WEP President Bob Koplar

    Greg and Marc interview World Events Productions President Bob Koplar, where they talk about Voltron: Legendary Defender, WonderCon, DreamWorks Animation, LEGO, Stephen Colbert, Deadpool, Lion Forge Comics, answer fan questions, and much more.

  87. Thumb 1460350390 artwork

    Voltron @ WonderCon: Part 2 - The Panel

    Marc and Greg welcome special guests Dani DeWald and Shannon Muir to the podcast to give their first-hand review of the Voltron: Legendary Defender Panel at WonderCon. With the excitement of the crowd and all of the panelists, DreamWorks Animation provided Voltron fans with an outstanding first look at Voltron: Legendary Defender at WonderCon.

  88. Thumb 1459786068 artwork

    Voltron @ WonderCon: Part 1 - The Interviews

    Marc takes Let's Voltron "on the road" to the worldwide debut of the Voltron: Legendary Defender cast and crew at WonderCon, with exclusive interviews. You get to listen to Greg's reactions to hearing these interviews for the very first time.

  89. Thumb 1458183068 artwork

    Voltron Force Supervising Director Steven E Gordon

    Your hosts, Marc Morrell and Greg Tyler, welcome special guest Steven E Gordon (Supervising Director for Voltron Force), where we learn some things about what could have happened in Season 2 of Voltron Force. Our hosts also talk about the upcoming WonderCon panel for Voltron: Legendary Defender, and talk about the showrunners.

  90. Thumb 1456551266 artwork

    Jack Angel and Franklin Cofod

    Original Series Voice Actor Jack Angel and Director Franklin Cofod are Marc and Greg's special guests for a fantastic podcast, where Jack talks about his amazing career, the books he wrote, and tons of stories from both Jack and Franklin about making the Original Voltron series.

  91. Thumb 1455863267 artwork

    TRENDMASTERS Prototype Expert Jonathan Shykofsky

    Greg Tyler officially becomes the new co-host with Marc Morrell, as they welcome Jonathan Shykofsky to the podcast to talk about TRENDMASTERS Prototype Toys, especially the ones from Voltron: The Third Dimension.

  92. Thumb 1453995749 artwork

    Voltron on Netflix in 2016!

    With the announcement that Netflix will be releasing a new "re-imagined" Voltron animated series in 2016, made by DreamWorks Animation, we gather together some Voltron superfans to talk about fan reaction to the announcement and try to figure out what would make the best show that would last and appeal to the most people around the world.

  93. Thumb 1450282091 artwork

    2nd Anniversary Show

    Jeremy Corray returns to the show on the 2nd Anniversary to review the “state of the union” for Voltron in 2015. Marc and Jeremy cover what was released for Voltron in 2015, and they cover podcast listeners’ Voltron gift lists and wishes, as well as requests for podcast topics in 2016.

  94. Thumb 1448142108 artwork

    Mora, Tyrus, Medusa, and an Invisible Robeast

    We continue our episode reviews of Voltron: Defender of the Universe with Episodes 25 – 28, where Marc and Author Dan Jolley make comparisons with Beast King GoLion.

  95. Thumb 1445557921 artwork

    Actor Giles Panton

    Giles Panton, who played Keith Kogane in Voltron Force, is Marc's special guest on Let's Voltron. The fans have been asking for their “Keith” to be on the podcast for awhile now.

  96. Thumb 1443453306 artwork

    Michael Bell, Retro & the Cons

    Another great season of comic book and fandom conventions is upon us, so Marc took advantage to have an interview with Voltron's Lance and Sven, Michael Bell, at RetroCon in Oaks, PA. Meanwhile, down in Atlanta, RetroBlasting presented a panel on "The History of Voltron" at DragonCon. There's plenty more Voltron in this episode, including some words from the fans.

  97. Thumb 1441291924 artwork

    Voltron: From the Ashes - Cullen Bunn and Blacky Shepherd

    Cullen Bunn (Writer) and Blacky Shepherd (Artist) join Marc to discuss the release of Voltron: From the Ashes, a new 6-issue comic book series from Dynamite Entertainment. The 1st Issue is being released on September 16th, and Cullen and Blacky tell us as much as they can without spoiling it for anyone.

  98. Thumb 1438318407 artwork

    Voltron Collectors Unite!

    Marc brings together three Voltron collectors, who all prefer to keep their Voltron collections rather than sell any of them. Joining Marc to talk about Voltron collecting are Mark Oliver, Greg Tyler, and Doug Snyder.

  99. Thumb 1435874439 artwork

    Cold Day, Flowers, Lions, and Mice

    Marc and Dan Jolley give news about a new Voltron Comic and they review Episodes 21-24 of the original Voltron TV series.

  100. Thumb 1431963271 artwork

    Voltron: The Third Dimension - Part 2

    With our special guests, Shannon Muir and Gregory Tyler, we continue our discussion about all of the 26 episodes that made up Voltron: The Third Dimension. We also talk about the full line of Trendmasters toys that supported the show in the retail outlets, and we finish by giving credit to all the talented people that worked on Voltron: The Third Dimension and paved the way for CGI animation in the late 90's.

  101. Thumb 1431354893 artwork

    Voltron: The Third Dimension - Part 1

    Voltron: The Third Dimension was the first 3D animated show fully produced in the US. On this first part of 2 podcast episodes, Marc brings special guests Shannon Muir and Gregory Tyler together to discuss the show in detail. From Behind-the-scenes techniques to episode reviews, we cover this Emmy-winning show completely.

  102. Thumb 1430106319 artwork

    Robotech/Voltron Comics Writer Bill Spangler

    In the 3rd episode that covers the Robotech/Voltron Crossover Comics, Marc has his first studio interview with Bill Spangler, writer for the Robotech/Voltron Comics Series, who, coincidentally, lives in Marc's hometown of Quakertown, Pennsylvania.

  103. Thumb 1428114476 artwork

    Tommy Yune and Elmer Damaso Review Robotech/Voltron Comic Series – Part 2

    Marc reviews the entire Robotech/Voltron Crossover Comic Series with Tommy Yune (writer, cover art) and Elmer Damaso (artist). In this Part 2 of 2 episodes, Tommy acknowledges everyone who contributed to this Crossover Comic Series, we talk about the Robotech live-action movie deal with Sony Pictures, and we review Issues 2, 3, 4 and 5.

  104. Thumb 1427344981 artwork

    Tommy Yune and Elmer Damaso Review Robotech/Voltron Comic Series

    Marc reviews the entire Robotech/Voltron Crossover Comic Series with Tommy Yune (writer, cover art) and Elmer Damaso (artist). In this Part 1 of 2 episodes, Tommy and Elmer talk about making the comics, answer questions from the fans, and review Issue #1.

  105. Thumb 1424065113 artwork

    The Legend Returns

    In this first podcast of 2015, we are reviewing episodes from the original series, Voltron: Defender of the Universe, including the comparison to the GoLion counterpart. Returning to the podcast as guest co-host is Dan Jolley. Marc and Dan review episodes 17-20.

  106. Thumb 1418902062 artwork

    [035] The Best of Let's Voltron!

    Let's Voltron: The Official Voltron Podcast celebrates its 1-year Anniversary in grand fashion with anniversary greetings from Voltron Fans around the world. Also, WEP VP Bob Koplar and Marc Morrell review and discuss ALL 34 episodes that preceded this one.

  107. Thumb 1418384160 artwork

    [034] Voltron: From Days of Long Ago

    We brought together the team that wrote the Perfect Square Publication, Voltron: From Days of Long Ago, A Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration for this episode. Our guests are Traci Todd (Sr. Editor at Viz Media) and Josh Bernard (Collection DX), and we also have a pre-recorded presentation at the Barnes & Noble Book Signing with Marc, Brian Smith and Jacob Chabot.

  108. Thumb 1417781616 artwork

    [033] Seth Green and Clare Grant

    Seth Green and Clare Grant are our special guests on Let's Voltron for this 33rd episode. Marc has a unique extended conversation with Seth and Clare about their careers, their Voltron fandom and memories, and what would need to happen to make that Voltron Live-Action Feature Film that everyone so desperately craves.

  109. Thumb 1417036783 artwork

    [032] Voltron Fans Roundtable

    Three Voltron Fans join Marc for a roundtable discussion about anything and everything Voltron. Joining Marc is Linda Endinger, Todd Matthy, and Tara Scully.

  110. Thumb 1414750735 artwork

    [031] Voltron Comic Book Artists N. Steven Harris and Jacob Chabot

    Marc has a roundtable discussion with 2 esteemed Voltron Comic Book Artists: N. Steven Harris and Jacob Chabot. Marc talks to each of them individually, and then opens up the discussion to both. They talk about how they became Voltron fans, comic book artists, and how they were picked to be artists for Voltron Comics.

  111. Thumb 1414143836 artwork

    [030] Prince Lotor crushes on Princess Allura

    Marc Morrell and Dan Jolley review 4 more episodes (13-16) from Voltron: Defender of the Universe (Lion Force). Dan keeps us up to date on his career, and Marc talks about the 30th Anniversary Book and panel at New York Comic Con, as well as book signings and interviews.

  112. Thumb 1412589088 artwork

    [029] RetroCon Recap & NYCC Preview

    Marc is joined once again by our guest from the 11th episode, Superfan Mark Oliver, who also served as a judge for the We Love Fine Voltron T-Shirt Design Contest. We announce the winners of that contest, review the weekend at RetroCon, check out the new website design on Voltron.com, preview New York Comic Con and talk about the 30th Anniversary Voltron Book, From Days of Long Ago.

  113. Thumb 1410344031 artwork

    [028] The 30th Anniversary Show with WEP's Tiffany Ilardi

    We celebrate the official 30th Anniversary of Voltron (Sept 10, 1984-Sept 10, 2014) by interviewing the Managing Director at World Events Productions, Tiffany Ilardi. We also announce the winner of the "Show Us Your Voltron!" Contest.

  114. Thumb 1409911126 artwork

    [027] Vehicle Team Voltron with Gregory Tyler (Part 2)

    In this second part of the discussion about Vehicle Team Voltron, Marc Morrell concludes his discussion with Gregory Tyler with a comprehensive history of tie-in merchandise for Vehicle Team Voltron, as well as Greg's own personal fan projects that include a re-edited Voltron opening video and a 3D-printed Panosh-style Vehicle Team Voltron replica.

  115. Thumb 1409306922 artwork

    [026] Vehicle Team Voltron with Gregory Tyler (Part 1)

    Your host, Marc Morrell, welcomes Voltron Superfan Gregory Tyler, who helps Marc cover the first of 2 podcast episodes all about Vehicle Team Voltron. These aren't episode reviews of the Vehicle Voltron show, but a comprehensive look at the history, the characters, story, themes, and comparisons with Dairugger and Lion Force Voltron.

  116. Thumb 1408097486 artwork

    [025] Original Series Voice Actor Neil Ross

    Original Series Voice Actor Neil Ross, who was the voice for Keith and Pidge on Voltron: Defender of the Universe and the Fleet of Doom Special, is our guest for an extended interview that will cover his career, his experience on Voltron, and more stories that have never been heard before.

  117. Thumb 1407490644 artwork

    [024]: Acidfree Gallery Owner Chris Wofford

    Marc talks to Chris Wofford, the Owner and Founder of Acidfree Gallery, your #1 location for Limited Edition Voltron Screen Prints. Marc and Chris talk about the newest Voltron Print by Artist James White, as well as exclusive Voltron prints that will be available on Voltron's 30th birthday and at New York Comic Con in October.

  118. Thumb 1407151164 artwork

    [023]: Voltron at San Diego Comic-Con

    We have returned from San Diego Comic-Con with Exclusive Interviews with Clare Grant and George Sohn, some new exciting Voltron product announcements, and stories about our visit with our friend, Franklin Cofod.

  119. Thumb 1406108972 artwork

    [022]: Defender of the Universe!

    Marc Morrell and Special Guest Host Dan Jolley review 4 more episodes from the Original Lion Force Voltron Series, where they provide comparisons with the GoLion episodes from which these Voltron episodes were made. Dan provides a unique perspective, since he has watched these episodes as a fan when he was a kid, then watched these episodes as an adult writer, and had to research these episodes again as a writer of Voltron Comics for Devil's Due Publishing.

  120. Thumb 1405073426 artwork

    [021]: Dynamite Voltron Comics Writer Brandon Thomas

    In this episode, Marc has a very enlightening conversation with Brandon Thomas about both of the Dynamite Voltron comics he wrote: Voltron and Voltron: Year One. You won't want to miss the end of the conversation, where Brandon reveals the missing parts of the story he never got to finish! In addition, Marc announces several podcast events and Voltron.com offerings.

  121. Thumb 1403864644 artwork

    [020]: Voltron Fangirls Roundtable

    In this episode, the Voltron Fangirls take over, as Marc has a Voltron Roundtable Discussion with 4 Female Voltron Superfans. In addition, Marc announces several podcast events and Voltron.com offerings.

  122. Thumb 1403119655 artwork

    [019]: WEP President Ted Koplar

    WEP President Ted Koplar helps Marc and Mike celebrate the winners of the 10,000 Listens Contest and gives an interview we will never forget. Fans of Voltron: to quote Mark Oliver, this is the "Super Bowl of Podcasts". Thank you to all of our loyal listeners for helping us reach 10,000 listens!

  123. Thumb 1402480046 artwork

    [018]: Original Series Associate Producer John Teichmann

    In this episode, Marc welcomes back Jeremy Corray to help interview John Teichmann, who was Associate Producer for Voltron: Defender of the Universe. John, along with Peter Keefe, was involved in the selection process that determined which Japanese anime would be used to become the Voltron Trilogy.

  124. Thumb 1400752837 artwork

    [017]: Original Series Director Franklin Cofod (Part 2)

    Marc and Mike conclude their interview with Original Series Director and Producer Franklin Cofod. In this episode, Franklin answers questions submitted by Voltron fans. He also gives a full account of each of the voice actors that worked on the show, as well as the full production team that helped form Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

  125. Thumb 1400235911 artwork

    [016]: Original Series Director Franklin Cofod (Part 1)

    In the first of two episodes, Marc and Mike have an illuminating conversation with Franklin Cofod, Director and Producer of the Original Voltron Series. Franklin hits it all from the production team that made the original episodes of Lion Force, Vehicle Force, and Fleet of Doom, from 1984-1986.

  126. Thumb letsvoltron itunes

    [015]: Ready to Assemble!

    From the 1st time Voltron is formed to the not-so-coincidental visit from Prince Bocar, Marc and Mike review Episodes 4-8 of the Original Voltron: Defender of the Universe Lion Force Series. This covers an important story arc, where the Voltron Force loses Sven and gains Princess Allura as the new pilot of Blue Lion.

  127. Thumb letsvoltron itunes

    [014]: Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con Recap

    Mike gives Marc a recap of everything Voltron that occurred at Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con, including what was available to fans that visited the World Events Productions Booth on the convention floor, or what happened at the 2 panels that took place on Saturday and Sunday.

  128. Thumb letsvoltron itunes

    [013]: WEP VP Bob Koplar (Part 2)

    The second part of our interview with World Events Productions Vice President Bob Koplar includes Bob's answers to all the fan questions that were submitted before the interview. If you ever wanted to know the final word on Voltron Force toys or what the DreamWorks acquisition of Classic Media means for Voltron, you'll find those answers here, and much more.

  129. Thumb letsvoltron itunes

    [012]: WEP VP Bob Koplar (Part 1)

    In Part 1 of a 2-Part Episode, Marc and Mike interview the Vice President of World Events Productions, Bob Koplar. Bob talks about the St. Louis Wizard World Convention coming April 4-6, his huge appreciation for all the Voltron Fans around the world, his personal Voltron history over the last 30 years, the business factors that held Voltron Force to just 1 Season, and the status of the Voltron Live-Action Movie.

  130. Thumb letsvoltron itunes

    [011]: Voltron Superfan Mark Oliver

    In this episode, Marc and Mike get to the heart of Voltron fandom with one of the biggest Voltron fans we know - Mark Oliver. We get deep into the process of how Mark created his own homemade Voltron costume for New York Comic Con. Mark talks about how he became a Voltron fan, and how he became a huge collector of everything Voltron. We also talk about the TV shows, conventions, toys and merchandise, fandom, and his favorites. If you get a chance to go to Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con, Mark will be there in his Voltron costume. He would love to hang out with all the Voltron fans there.

  131. Thumb letsvoltron itunes

    [010]: Original Series Writer Marc Handler (Part 2)

    In the 2nd Part of our interview with Voltron Head Writer Marc Handler, Marc takes questions from the fans and gives great insight on how to write for localization of Japanese anime. The questions Marc answers cover all three of his Voltron projects; Voltron: Defender of the Universe, Fleet of Doom, and Voltron: The Third Dimension.

  132. Thumb letsvoltron itunes

    [009]: Original Series Writer Marc Handler (Part 1)

    We brought the whole gang together, including Marc Morrell, Mike French, and Jeremy Corray, because we are interviewing one of the members of the Original Production Team for Voltron: Defender of the Universe; Head Writer Marc Handler. In the first of a two part interview to be concluded next week, Marc Handler, coming to us from Shanghai, China, talks about his work on the original series, the Fleet of Doom Special, and Voltron: The Third Dimension. We even talk about Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs.

  133. Thumb letsvoltron itunes

    [008]: 30th Anniversary Voltron Book Author Brian Smith

    In this episode, Marc introduces his son, Lucas, to give the 10-year-old perspective for the first time. Marc and Lucas interview Brian "Smitty" Smith, the author of the 6-Volume Voltron Force Graphic Novel series, published by Viz Media. Brian is also writing the 30th Anniversary Voltron 'Encyclopedia', which is due out later this year.

  134. Thumb letsvoltron itunes

    [007]: Voltron DDP Comics Author Dan Jolley

    Marc and Mike welcome fan favorite, Dan Jolley, to the podcast to talk about the Voltron: Defender of the Universe Devils Due Publishing Comics he authored in 2003-2004. Dan talks about everything from Voltron's origin to why the Space Mice will never have tutus in his universe. You also get to hear about the current projects that Dan is working on.

  135. Thumb letsvoltron itunes

    [006]: We're Space Explorers

    As this is the 30th Anniversary Year of the Original Voltron: Defender of the Universe Series, we dive into the Lion Force Series, starting at the first episode: Space Explorers Captured, leading up to before Voltron is formed for the 1st time in Episode 4: The Missing Key.

  136. Thumb letsvoltron itunes
  137. Thumb letsvoltron itunes

    [004]: The History of Voltron Toys

    In this first full episode of the Let's Voltron Podcast for 2014, Marc is joined by Mike French once again, and the discussion is a chronological History of Voltron Toys, from the era preceding the 1984 launch of the Original Voltron Series to The Present.

  138. Thumb letsvoltron itunes

    [003]: New Year Mailbag

    In this special New Year's edition of the Let's Voltron podcast, we open up the Voltron Mailbag and answer questions posted by the listeners. Joining the show this week is Retroblasting's Michael French, who has taken over the duties of updating the Official Voltron Facebook page.

  139. Thumb letsvoltron itunes

    [002]: Robotech/Voltron #1 with Tommy Yune

    On the eve of the release of Robotech/Voltron Crossover Comic #1, Marc and Jeremy have a great conversation with Tommy Yune, the writer/cover artist for this special Manga series that brings together two giant franchises in the world of anime.

  140. Thumb letsvoltron itunes

    [001]: The Legend of Voltron

    In the debut episode of Let's Voltron: The Official Voltron Podcast, hosts Jeremy Corray from World Events Productions and Marc Morrell discuss some great Voltron merchandise now available, and chat about some big projects coming soon from World Events Productions.

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